Friday, September 26, 2008

Help Lemonsito City Grow

I've just recently created my own city at, its a site wherein you can play a game of creating your own city. To make your city become progressive, you need to have a regular visitors because each different clicks greatly helps to improve your city.

I called mine as Lemonsito City, you may wonder what lemonsito means, by the way its a local term here in our place for lemon, obviously ^_^ I chose this name just to make it sound unique and with relation to my profile name. Here's a screenshot of my city, as you can see it looks like a farm since there's only a little inhabitants lived here yet.

Every visit to my Lemonsito City means additional population, so please help my city grow and do visit it everyday. You may bookmark my city's link for fast search or you may click the screenshot above.


  1. I just visited your city. I hope that Lemonsito city will grow and would be populated soon. Take care.

  2. @ lover boy and girl
    wow thanks dude! i'll reserve a house & lot for you on my city lol...thanks ^_^

  3. wahahaa (^_^) ako kay meron nang industry tanawa (^_^)

    akoang gift ha... pildi baya ka ahihihih


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