Thursday, September 18, 2008

$7.5 for you!

I know everybody wants $7.5, you can find a detailed information on how to get it here at This site offers a review of the entry being posted here and get paid through Paypal. You may wonder how this works, actually this is the latest program provided by PayPerPost. All you have to do is just write a review of the post on this site. Visit it now and start reviewing entries being posted there as many as you can and get paid $7.5 for each post you've reviewed.


  1. @darlyn
    yeah, another online money making alternative ^_^

  2. Hello Manny...I mean Lemon...thanks for the visit.
    As of now, I have no time for other reviews because I still have consistent advertisers giving me fair opps..maybe if it will get slow..that's the time to try another one..

  3. @joyoz
    wow good for you! can you share me some tips on how to earn real money online. i registered to different affiliate programs but still i haven't earned even a single centavo yet lol ^_^

  4. ric naa ko tag para sa imoha. hahaha ayus ni nga pangwarta bay!

  5. @jigs
    haha mao cguro ng ocho-ocho nga tag no? hehe ^_^


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