Friday, September 5, 2008

Free Games and Softwares

Free games and Softwares is a cool site about arcade games. If you're looking for a free download, Free games and Softwares is one of my recommended site for you. The games here are all full version and only take a little space on your hard drive with sizes ranging from just 2mb to 10mb. Some of the games you can download here were the following:

Shark Attack

Join a brave young scuba diver on his quest for precious family treasure in this deep-sea adventure.
Size: 10.52 MB

Tropical Mania

Tropical Mania brings a fresh take on the time management game genre. Try a new job that’s fun and friendly. Manage a Holiday resort on a tropical island that’s lost in the vast pacific ocean. Keep your tourists happy and develop your resort. Cute graphics, a different feel and look, and the addictive play will keep you happy and entertained.
Size: 4.27 MB

Clash N Stash v1.23

Action space shooter with extremely simple controls suitable for all ages. Battle pesky aliens around the galaxy. Variety of weapons, upgrades and enemies will keep you in suspence for a long time and innovative bonus triggering system will make your experience colorful and fun.
Size: 7.38 MB

Rebel Bomberman v1.2

Rebel Bomberman is one of the most inventive variations of the bomberman-style games. You will still have plenty of bombs to throw around to kill the enemies and get to the final destination. Hordes of hostile aliens are planning to take your planet over to enslave its inhabitants and extract precious crystals.
Size: 8.6 MB

A-b-o-o Plumeboom's Friends


Visit fabulous worlds with Plumeboom, the magnificent traveler. Touch down in the country of Aboo, Settled by hard-working wormlings. Day after day they quarry Magic Crystals that can be converted into many possible items. Recently, the wormlings have faced a real disaster. Help them battle Crowbreak the wizard, and Cornix, the mad scientist who have invented the weapon of darkness. Don't let the Magic Crystals fail into the wrong hands in this illuminated Match 3 puzzle game.
Size: 9 MB

Free games and Softwares is updated every week, so better check this site regularly to get the latest games. So start downloading now and enjoy playing these fun and addictive games that can only be found here at Free games and Softwares.


  1. wow! interesting. i will surely download and give a try in these games. i hope shark attack is fun! thanks Eric. nice post.

  2. Wow.very interesting games and its free!I love computer games and I will try every bit of this games. Just like Nintendo Wii, a game were our worlds had revolved.

    Check this out.:D

  3. @jigs
    yeah, shark attack looks very interesting and fun to play. i haven't tried all the games here yet lols ^_^

    yeah computer games rocks \m/ ^_^ your Nintendo Wii Direct seems interesting too, i loved playing Nintendo way back then ^_^

  4. basta games... game gyud ni mga tropang Red ford White (^_^) ahihihih


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