Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where have the 1 Peso Gone?

I borrowed P50 (fifty pesos) from Jacob and another P50 (fifty pesos) from Ronald, so that would gave me a total of P100 (one hundred pesos) borrowed money. Now, I went to the Mall and bought a t-shirt worth P97 (ninety seven pesos) , the cashier gaved me P3 (three pesos) change.

Thinking that I could lessen my debt a bit from Jacob and Ronald, I came up an idea to return P1 (one peso) to each of them as my advance pay. What's left on me now is only P1 (one peso) , since I returned them P1 (one peso) each. For this, my debt would now be reduced to only P49 (fourty nine pesos) to both of them.

Adding the two P49 (fourty nine pesos) would amount to P98 (ninety eight pesos) as my new debt total. If I add the P1 (one peso) left from me then that would make P99 (ninety nine pesos), the question now "where have the 1 peso gone?" to justify the total of P100 (one hundred pesos) I borrowed from them a while back. What do you think have the P1 (one peso) gone?

Friday, October 3, 2008

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