Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Video Games I Played Over The Years

Video games has made a great influence of my lifestyle since I've learned to play them. Way back then, wherein the famous video game console was family computer, I've learned to play my very first game which was Supermario Bros. I know everybody knows this game since its very popular up to now.

Over the years video games evolved and new game console has emerged such as playstation and playstation 2. During that time I was addicted playing Ghost Fighter in playstation, it was popularize by the self-titled TV Anime series from Japan with characters like Eugene, Dennis, Alfred, and Vincent. I'm always runnin' out of allowance playing this game during my college days hehehe. After the playstations, pc games has became very popular and played by majority of gamers.

There came another game that interest me, it was Starcraft from Blizzard Entertainment. I patronized this game for almost 5 years along with Counterstrike from Valve but I prefer playing the previous than the latter. I've learned Starcraft at our school's Internet laboratory, we spend our alotted time playing this game instead of doing internet research hehe. After the class, we always hangout on Internet Cafe to play. There was one time we're done playing early in the morning the next day haha, we played one-on-one with my classmate and the battle heated up for a P10 stake just to spice up the competition. The result ended up as even, he won the first game and I took the second game ^_^

A few years later Starcraft and Countersrike has become less popular, it was succeded with a new strategy game called DotA, its a mod from Warcraft III Frozen Throne Expansion set. At first I didn't appreciate playing this game and found it boring but as I know the game a little longer it make me addicted to it especially when you're going against great players. We always ended up at dawn playing this game on Internet Cafes together with my buddies and sometimes its the reason why I'm late at work hehehe. Usually we finished playing the game and go home mostly at 4:30am and I have to wake up for work at 8:00am ^_^

Do you play video games too? If so, share me some of your interesting video game experience here by posting a comment on this topic, everything is accepted so go on and don't hesitate to share ^_^


  1. wahahahaha. addict jud ka ric. heheeh ako hawd kaayo ko mo dula og counter sa una jump crouch mode ko.hehehe pero wala jud ko napasmo anang video games. late lng hinoon sa class pero pasado gihapon sa analgeom.heheeh tiaw mo na. musta na?

  2. ahohohoi I luv this games! I also played this games like supermario from the era of family computer. Also played its variety the supermario 2.Also in the list were rockman x,mortal combat,contra,rambo,salamander,gradient,the mask and many more!lol.

    I also played starcraft and counterstrike but I don't really like counterstrike. DOta is the latest craze!and eric is the best player in obrero so watch out for him. he uses the aliases like rice or darknight! surely it's in the list of beyond supergodlike names!

  3. @jigs
    hohoi gina control na nako pgka addict ug dula karon bay wehehehe. ok lng sa night bay, unta night ta tanan ^_^

  4. @ronald

    yeah supermario is very fun to play and other family computer games ^_^ hahaha dli ko godlike uy! killing spree lng ko taman, kaning c ronald ky pirmi ni beyond godlike ba hohoiiii ^_^

  5. ahohoi! AKO PUD!

    makahilak ko og hinumdom kung unsa ko ka hawod mag dula og mario sa una..

    dili sa panghinambog pero tanan secret sa super mario nga classic kabalo ko..katong 99+ life! ay ! naku! hawod kau ko ato!

    dragon nga boss ay! way tsalens na!

    sa counter? ay nku! dili kau ko hawod pero sikma pud og pansit ang makasugat nko..nyahahha...ric ayaw palabi sa gbati..wakokoko

  6. @jacob

    hohoiii! abi nimo ikw ra kabalo atong 100 life ni mario bay, kabalo pod ko ato uy! dd2 lng to sa hagdanan buhaton hohoiii. pati katong sa dragon dali ra to ky lusotan ra to sa ilalom pag ambak nya hahaha ^_^

  7. mag apil daw ko comment beh..hehehe..

    With your post I remember my Super Mario days...hahaha..player 1 ako din yung bro ko player 2, sige lang ko mapaakan atung plant nah naay mouth..mao dili ko ka adto sa lain lain nah level..hehehe...tapos nag evolve gyud ang uso ang counter strike, warcraft, tapos dota...pero wala na ko nagadula ana kay pang boylet man gud naga dula ko sa una counter og una pa to pag ma bored ko sa akoa ultimate game na "the sims"..hehehe...pero and dota was pa ko ka try..hehehe
    Ikaw d i ang "dota" master..kuyawa oi, pwd pa tudlo??...ikaw na gyud eric...hehehehe

  8. murag marios' brothers lang man nalaro ko (^_^)ug packman and ngayon sa facebook mao ra to

  9. @princess cinderella
    haha mkalingaw jud bitaw kaau tong supermario sa una uy, padalos2 cguro ka ug ambak mao mapaakan ka sa bulak hahaha. wla pa ko kadula anang the sims pero nkakita nko ana. dli ko master anang dota uy, c ronald jud ang hawd ana ky pirmi godlike hahaha ^_^

    hehehe wla pod ko nagadula anang sa facebook ba, itry daw nako na be ^_^


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