Thursday, May 8, 2008

Earn Money Online For Free

Earning from PTC - Step by Step Guide

Hi there! Did you know there are sites that are willing to pay you to click ads? Did you also know that it's FREE to sign up to them? You can earn money online, right now, there are already tens of thousands of people that are paid to work at home, some are making a tidy sum just by clicking on a link.

So what are PTC (Paid To Click) sites?
PTC or Paid To Click is a program that let you earn extra money from the Internet for free. PTC sites are companies that pay you for viewing websites. They get payed for showing the pages of their advertisers in return they pay members who view the ads from their advertisers. PTC's or Paid to Click Sites offer FREE Memberships so you can make cash at home right away.

The 3 Basic Things You Need to Have Before You Start Earning

1. A web browser. Any web browser will do but I would highly recommend FireFox, since you'll be opening/clicking multiple links Firefox has this neat feature where you can open multiple links thru tabs and not thru windows which is messy and unorganized by the way. Download a FireFox browser here. It's free.

2. A dedicated e-mail account. You wouldn't want to clutter your personal e-mail account with PTC sites you've signed up so therefore I recommend you create a new one. All Paid To Click Sites (PTC) and Payment Processor will accept almost all free e-mail addresses. But, I highly recommend signing up to Gmail, simply the best one out there.

3. A Payment Processor Account. This is the most important site for you because this is where you place the cash you've earned from the PTC sites you've signed up. The most popular ones that PTC sites acknowledge are Paypal and AlertPay. I recommend you open an account for both because Paypal and Alertpay are the most trusted payment processors used by PTC sites (especially Alertpay). Choose a Personal account for starters and don't worry because it's absolutely free.

Now, you've got all the basic things accomplished you need PTC sites to sign-up.

A word of advice though. Not all PTC sites are worth your time. Some sites offer only 3 ads to click per day. Some offer $0.0001 per link sites like Adsentive (that's ONE HUNDRED ads you have to click to make ONE CENT!). I don't promote such sites because there are better sites out there that offer more. Don't be fooled by other offers where the only thing they're after for you is referral. See my list of honest PTC sites which I have personally signed up for and currently maintaining.

My Top 10 PTC sites are all FREE to sign-up. Now, once you've signed up with the PTC sites above you can now click on "Surf Ads" or "View Ads" from the PTC site you've joined, wait for 30 seconds to expire for your view to get credited. Click "Stats" or "Account" to check how much you've made. Make sure to visit everyday to click on more ads. Ads are usually refreshed within 24 hours period so you can click on them again. If you do the math, all those PTC programs would approximately make about a dollar per day and ads are refreshed everyday for you to click on them again and in a month that would make more than $30 .

Of course you could make even more if you can gather referrals or making a blog to advertise your own PTC programs, with 50% to 100% referral earnings 1 referral could approximately double your daily earnings. The more active referrals you gather means more earnings for you. I would gladly help you make it with no strings attached but of course you got to have the patience. I already answered quite a few inquiries about this internet marketing thing by guys who didn't signup and its cool with me.

That's why I'm encouraging everyone joining this program to post an advertisements and make their own blog like this one. People with little patience are not encouraged to venture in this field. You need to know that online money making is not a "get rich quick scheme." You can't earn $5000 overnight here. Let's be realistic. The best thing about this internet marketing is that it's still for FREE, all you need is a computer, an internet connection and a few hours of your spare time.

And if you're having a hard time getting referrals, here is a site that helps you get referrals. I got my 5 active referrals from to my account and they're clicking ads everyday. Their referral program is proven to be effective. Explore the website to know how it works.

So there you go, by now you should have an idea of how to earn money from the PTC business. Let's all click and earn!

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