Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year! New Start! New Goals!

It's New Year once again! Welcome year 2009! time for a new start and of course some New Year's Resolution. The biggest resolution I've made so far this year is the decision of quitting smoke!

I've really restrained myself this time and I didn't find it hard to quit smoking. My goal this year is health oriented, I want to be healthy for the rest of the year! ^_^


  1. Ric lami kau mag yosi ba! philip na puti ug marlboro na lights lami pa sa chiks! hahaha. ayaw kumpyansa diha ric. adto diri naghaling ko ug sigarilyo daghan kau simhot2x lang kay bawal na man sa imu.hehehe. DOTA na!

  2. @Ronald
    haha uu undang na jud ko anang yosi nald samtang kaya pa ky lisod na panahon karon mao dli na ta magkumpyansa. dapat 100% panatag jud ta ani hehehe.

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