Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Let's Hunt Mice For $100

MouseHunt is a Facebook game of epic proportions. You are a hunter, hired by the king to find and trap the mice that infest his kingdom. For each mouse you catch, you'll find a unique reward, bringing you closer to being the best MouseHunter in the land! To join, just register to www.facebook.com and add the MouseHunt Application.

About MouseHunt

MouseHunt has you in the role of a MouseHunter in the town of Gnawnia. The town has become overrun with some interesting, yet powerful breeds of mice.

With crops being eaten and property destroyed the King sought out to employ brave MouseHunters; Promising handsome rewards for captures in an effort to defeat a seemingly endless army of mice.

Players enter the kingdom as a novice hunter and start with a fairly basic trap. As a player catches mice, he accumulates gold and points that they are able to purchase new components for their trap, increasing their odds of catching mice.

MouseHunt is a passive game, meaning a player decides and puts forth a strategy then waits for the results. The fun of the game is returning to check on your trap and determining new strategies and how to improve.

MouseHunt was created by HitGrab Inc. and is constantly under development, adding new features and expanding the adventure!

The wonderful trap, cheese and mouse illustrations are by the talented Jacob Johnson, visit his website www.jacob-johnson.com.

How do I get started?

Upon installing the app, you went through a quick tutorial to introduce you to the concept of the game as well as get your first trap set up and baited.

Starting the game you will have a wooden base as well as either the high tension spring or the tacky glue trap. This trap is fairly weak and only has a reasonable chance of catching weak mice.

As you play the game you will be able to upgrade your trap, explore new hunting locations, find rare and exotic items and discover new breeds of mice!

Check back every 15mins

To earn gold and points to be able to upgrade their traps, players must be sure to keep their trap baited with cheese and check on their trap every 15 minutes as often as they can.

Stock up on cheese

As long as you check your trap once a day you will have a chance of mice coming to your trap so it is important to make sure you always have your trap baited! Cheddar or marble is your best bet until you accumulate some wealth.

Play with friends

If anyone of your Facebook friends has MouseHunt installed, they will appear on your friends online page as members of your "Hunter’s Group". A Hunter’s Group can work together and bring each other on hunts, giving extra opportunities to catch mice. Just remember, if you are adding new people you have met through the game it’s a good idea to put them into your limited profile group to restrict what information they can view about you.

Consider traveling

Players can move their trap to new hunting locations by viewing the map. Novice mouse hunters will find the meadow is mostly inhabited by the weaker breeds of mice, making it a good place to grab some easy catches and build points and gold. Just remember you will have to return to town to purchase cheese, so be wary of the travel cost.

The Hunter’s Horn

Hunters are allowed to go on a hunt started by sounding the Hunter’s Horn approximately once every 15 minutes. A hunt is started by clicking the horn when it appears at the top of the game on loading a page.

When you sound the horn any hunters in your group who have also not been included in a hunt started by the horn, and are in the same location as you will go on a hunt with you. This same logic applies for you, meaning your friends can bring you on hunts while you are away from the computer.

'Ready to Hunt' Status

By viewing your friends online page you are able to see what hunters in your group are ready to hunt, and thus eligible to be included should you sound the horn. Remember however that they must be hunting in the same location as you in order to be included.

It is worth noting that you are unable to see your own 'ready to hunt' progress bar, so it is worthwhile to communicate with others in your group to get ahead. After 60 minutes of inactivty, a hunter will cease to be included in hunts started by the Hunter’s Horn.

Points for Sounding the Horn

When sounding the horn you will receive bonus points (to a maximum of 250) based on the number of hunters who were ready to hunt in your group.

Does Having a Large Hunting Group Help?

The advantage of having a group of friends who regularly plays is that when they sound the horn it will also 'sound your horn' and start a hunt for you. By no means does this mean you need tens of, or hundreds of friends playing with you to be successful. In fact having that many friends playing will not offer much advantage at all.

The Town Mice


The white mouse is probably the most common mouse in these parts. They pose very little challenge and thus garner little reward. Great for the starting mouse hunter.


Slightly feistier than their white cousins, the grey mouse is also a very common mouse. They pose very little challenge, and thus garner little reward. Great for the starting mouse hunter.


Brown mice are the most challenging of common mice, but are still suitable for a starting mouse hunter.


Often found living in remote areas, the dwarf mouse moves quickly making it more difficult to catch than the basic colored mouse.


These partially blind little fellows find their way through the earth by feeling around, making them more susceptible to getting caught. The Digby development in the Burroughs aided their efforts to push past the Mountain into the Gnawnia region. Due to the dirt in their nostrils, they have a harder time sniffing out cheese.


As the name suggests, the skin of this mouse is strong as steel. Less common than simple colored mice, the steel mouse is significantly harder to catch.


Made from solid granite, the gaze of this mouse is said to strike fear into even the most cunning of mouse hunters.


The result of a bio-mechanical experiment gone horribly wrong, this mouse has both great speed and strength making it a challenge to catch.


Significantly more rare than many other mice, this solid gold mouse is not much stronger than more common mice and fetches a handsome reward for whomever can find one.


Similar in rarity and strength to the gold mouse, the diamond mouse offers a high points reward to the hunter who can catch it.


Known for its extreme rarity, speed and intelligence the ninja mouse is one of the most challenging mice to catch. A hunter will learn much from catching such a cunning foe and is therefore worth a bundle of points.


Some say this commandeer of a mouse comes from a long line of pirates while others simply think his attire is the result of certain insanity. No matter the case, this mouse is known for its ability to steal cheese from even the most able of traps. As with any respectable pirate, there is sure to be gold in the pockets of this mouse.


Necromancy is never a pretty sight and this mouse is no exception. Forever doomed to stalk the earth, its hunger for cheese is insatiable and its power almost limitless. All mice have a weakness, but how do you kill something that's already dead...?


When a mouse is able to swipe a single piece of SUPER|brie+ from a hunter's trap, Widows often follow the lucky mouse and lure them into a tangled trap of their own. Their lust for magical cheese seems to grow stronger with each piece they add to their stash.

Extremely sensitive to their surroundings, their ability to detect even the slightest vibration make these stealthy mice somewhat hard to find.


These mice have earned the nickname 'Sparky' after a certain infamous MouseHunter who had very long fingers.

With an insatiable lust for brie, this stealthy mouse makes his way from region to region stealing brie from shoppe keepers! Known for their desire to hoard cheese, a hunter is sure to find a few pieces of left over brie in the satchel of this sparky little mouse.


This wise-mouse dabbles in the darker side of the mouse world. With pockets as deep as his, this mouse is known for buying his way out of getting caught.

Catch this mouse and win a small cash prize!
(all prizes are paid via PayPal or can be redeemed for SUPER|brie+)


This mischievous mouse loves to stir up trouble and play pranks. Although the Leprechaun mouse is certainly hard to find any hunter who is able to capture one will surely be bribed by the mouse to let them go.

Every Leprechaun is sure to have something valuable in their pot of gold including cash, gift cards and more!

Catch this mouse and win a real prize!

So c'mon join now! let's eliminate those pesky mice and bring home the bounty! don't forget to add me, ermonrice@yahoo.com ^_^


  1. ahohohoi nag post jud ka sa MH ha..ahahaha

    nice man ang MH enjoy then maka addict...naa koy na ilhan nga na addict ani bag-o lng..perte kau kusog kau mangau og gold...lupig pa ang pulis..hihihi

    sa katong wala pa nakasulay suwayi ninyo PANUWAY MO!

    kung gusto ninyo makita akong stats sa Mouse Haunt ...naa oh

    Akong Stat sa Mouse Haunt

  2. Grabe bitaw ning Mousehunt bay mkalingaw unya mka addict jud tinuod, mgcge nlng ko ug atang kng unsay nay nadakpan nako haha.

    Astig nman kaau ka ug stats bay! dghan man gud ka ug friends ba. Magpa add pod ko sa message board para modaghan akong friends hohoiii ^_^

  3. Suyaa oi pagkakita naku sa imu post naa man hunter's horn maghorn na unta ko ric!hahah.lahi man diay. ayos ning MH kay makakwarta ta. lisod lang dakon ning mga ilagaa ni ba. litson

  4. wow! mouse hunt murag ayus ni da! hehehe lingaw kaayo ni dulaon. maka pawala sa kalaay. hehehe

  5. @ronald
    haha makadani ang logo sa hunter's horn no? hehehe. mas daku namo ug chance makadakop nald ky astig na kaau inyong trap mo chop2x na ug ilaga haha.

    aw oo lingaw kaau bay sukad nga giingnan ko nnyo ani nawili nako cge atang2x ug ilaga sa akong trap haha.

  6. na..maadik na pod ta anig mousehunt bah..ayus imong topic bay... maayo unta na ma view tanan mouse..

  7. @zedeMichra
    hehe mkaadik jud ni dulaon bay. wla nlng nako gidisplay dri tanan klase sa ilaga ky pirting dghana basig mapuno ang page hehe.

    Oi tnx sa pag visit dri, tnx pod sa pag welcome sa bisdakplanet. Mabuhay ang bisdak community \m/ ^_^


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